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Polish-Finnish Nuclear Summit

20-22 April 2022
Warsaw, Poland

Day 1: Smart Nuclear from Finland – sharing the experience and lessons learned for the success of Polish Nuclear Energy Program (By invitation only) –> Presentations

Day 2: Polish-Finnish Business networking –> Presentations

Preliminary Program

  • Opportunities for cooperation in the Polish Nuclear Power Program – Ministry of Climate and Environment (Poland)
  • Role of nuclear industry in Finland. Activities of FinNuclear Association for local companies – FinNuclear Association
  • Potential of polish local companies (local content), Polish Chamber of Power Industry and Environmental Protection (IGEOS) – Bogdan Pilch, General Director – IGEOS
  • Presentation of some Polish and Finnish companies involved in nuclear projects (3-5 from each country x 10 min each)
  • B2B meetings between Polish and Finnish companies
    *Short descriptions of participating companies to be provided

Day 3: Optional visit to nuclear research reactor in Świerk

Polish-Finnish Nuclear Summit is organized jointly with the Ministry of Climate and Environment (Poland) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (Finland) in cooperation with IGEOS, the Polish Chamber of Power Industry and Environmental Protection and FinNuclear Association.


FinNuclear invites companies from Finland to participate in the business networking event as the companies are preparing to contribute to the nuclear new build projects in Poland. Please check the catalog presenting companies from Poland in order to facilitate networking.

Inquiries: megumi.asano-ulmonen@finnuclear.fi