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22 March 2023, 10:30 (EET)

With its renewed nuclear strategy, France is planning to build up to 14 nuclear reactors in an attempt to shore up the country’s aging nuclear fleet while also reducing the country’s carbon emissions. France is also planning to extend the lifespan of the existing 56 reactors. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050. To acquire competent resources for this vast program will be a challenge.

Finland and France have a similar kind of energy mix target for achieving carbon neutrality. While maintaining nuclear power as one of the base loads, developing and adopting effective renewable energy resources has become a common urgent task for both countries. In addition, the decommissioning of the existing reactors shall be taken into consideration after their lifetime.

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10:30 Opening words

  • Mr Matti Anttonen, Ambassador to France

10:40 FinNuclear introduction

  • Introduction of FinNuclear, Ms. Jekaterina Lavonen and 2023 program (WNE in Paris)

 10:50 France Nuclear Industry

  • Keynote speech from Mr Philippe Stohr, Energy Division Director at CEA:
    • French plans for new nuclear plants;
    • Plans for extending the lifetime of the existing plants;
    • How France sees Finland as a partner in nuclear energy

11:20 Experiences of Finnish French cooperation in France’s nuclear energy industry

  • Testimonial from a Finnish company established in France (TBC)

11:30 Q&A
11:45 Closing Remarks