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Energiamessut 2018 FinNuclear

Energia 2018

23-25.10.2018, Tampere, Finland

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Nordic Nuclear Forum 2019

Showcasing the complete nuclear lifecycle.

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5-7 September 2018
World Nuclear Association Symposium 2018, London, UK

13-14 September 2018
Platts European Power Summit,Dusseldorf, Germany

16-20 September 2018
55th Annual Meeting on Hot Laboratories and Remote Handling – HOTLAB 2018, Helsinki, Finland

19-20 September, 2018
The Nuclear South West Annual Conference,Bristol, UK
The event consists of nuclear matchmaking event and conference.
Use the promotional code: NSWinternational to get a 50% discount from the conference ticket.

6-8 November 2018
ICOND 2018 International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning, Aachen, Germany

5-6 March 2019
International Nuclear Power Plants Summit, Ankara,Turkey