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On this page you will find global news from the nuclear energy industry, upcoming events and trainings in the field of nuclear energy.

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DigiDecom 2023 | Helsinki | 24-26 Oct

Conference on AI, data and robotics powered transformation for sustainable decommissioning in the nuclear sector…

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SMR Business Day 2023

WHAT? On 3 October 2023 current and future players in the small modular reactor industry…

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World Nuclear Exhibition 2023

28-30 November 2023 Paris, France Finland pavilion will be arranged. Please contact jekaterina.lavonen@finnuclear.fi to express…

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Webinar Recording: SMRs in a nutshell, business opportunities and technologies in the World

In the webinar recording you get to listen speeches from nuclear industry professionals about SMRs…

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6-10 November 2023
International Conference on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management, Vienna, Austria28-30 November 2023
World Nuclear Exhibition 2023, Paris, France

  • Finland pavilion will be arranged. Please contact roosa.ahola@finnuclear.fi to express your interest towards the exhibition space in the pavilion.

28 – 29 November 2023
Swedish Symposium on Nuclear Power 2023 – Kärnteknikdagarna, Stockholm, Sweden

7 December 2023
Nuclear 2023, London, UK

22-25 April 2024
World Energy Congress, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

20-24 May 2024
ICONS 2024 – International Conference on Nuclear Security, Vienna, Austria

21-22 May 2024
Nordic Nuclear Forum 2024, Helsinki, Finland

27-29 May 2024
DEM 2024 – International Conference on Decommissioning Challenge, Avignon, France

5-6 June 2024
NIC 2024 – Nuclear Innovation Conference 2024, Amsterdam, The Netherlands