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FinNuclear Association brings together the best of Finnish nuclear energy expertise. Together, we strengthen industry awareness, safety and technological development.

Images: Olkiluoto | Posiva

FinNuclear Association’s purpose is to promote Finnish companies’ general preconditions, cooperation, competences and international profile in manufacturing, construction  and service activities in the nuclear energy field. 

Collaborate with Finnish companies

Through FinNuclear, international organisations can create contacts with the wide Finnish nuclear industry expertise network. Finnish companies have competence in all aspects of the nuclear energy industry.

Members of FinNuclear Association

Members with competences in nuclear related technology are presented in FinNuclear Directory >>

FinNuclear Association’s field covers the whole lifecycle of nuclear power plants and associated plants.

What is FinNuclear Association and how to join as member?

Association’s purpose is to promote Finnish companies’ general preconditions, cooperation, competences, international profile in manufacturing, construction  and service activities in the nuclear energy field.


 FinNuclear Newsletter includes the most interesting upcoming nuclear industry related events, training opportunities and other latest information. FinNuclear Assocation members receive a global nuclear news summary every two months.

FinNuclear Directory


FinNuclear Directory presents members of FinNuclear Association and associated companies with competences in nuclear related technology.

Nuclear engineer Harri Varjonen has been elected as the new Executive Director of FinNuclear Association

The board of FinNuclear Associations elected the former nuclear engineer of the International Atomic Energy…

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FinNuclear Association’s member of the year 2022 is
Ramirent Finland Oy! Congratulations!

FinNuclear member of the year 2022 Ramirent


DigiDecom 2023 | Helsinki | 24-26 Oct

Conference on AI, data and robotics powered transformation for sustainable decommissioning in the nuclear sector…

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SMR Business Day 2023

WHAT? On 3 October 2023 current and future players in the small modular reactor industry…

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World Nuclear Exhibition 2023

28-30 November 2023 Paris, France Finland pavilion will be arranged. Please contact jekaterina.lavonen@finnuclear.fi to express…

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Webinar Recording: SMRs in a nutshell, business opportunities and technologies in the World

In the webinar recording you get to listen speeches from nuclear industry professionals about SMRs…

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