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FinNuclear has the role to act as the contact window of the Finnish nuclear industry expertise network and as a national coordinator to promote the Finnish nuclear know-how internationally.

FinNuclear arranges delegations, visits, networking events and Finnish pavilions at the exhibitions. Through FinNuclear, international organisations can create contacts with the wide Finnish nuclear industry expertise network. 


Finnish companies have expertise in all aspects of the nuclear energy industry, covering the entire lifecycle of nuclear power plants and associated facilities, including design, licensing, construction, operation, maintenance, modernisation, fuel cycle, waste management and decommissioning as well as related research activities.

Finnish nuclear industry expertise is especially focused in following areas:

Nuclear waste management

Nuclear waste management

In Finland Posiva has constructed the underground rock characterization facility (ONKALO®), which will be part
of the final repository for spent nuclear fuel currently under construction. Expertise in low and intermediate radioactive waste management has also been accumulated during over 40 years’ experience of nuclear energy production

Nuclear power plant (NPP) lifecycle management

Nuclear power plant lifecycle management

Nuclear power plants in Finland have been operating safely for over 40 years and upgraded effectively with
high performance records.

Examples of services and products for NPPs:

Services and products for NPP's for example:

Technology expertise, design, consulting, quality assurance, upgrades, annual outage planning, maintenance, construction, commissioning, project management, hoists, motors, insulators, automation, inspections, analyses and simulations.

Know-how in nuclear safety management

Know-how in nuclear safety management

Finland has stringent nuclear safety regulations which Finnish companies have strictly enforced in projects and gained a wealth of knowledge in nuclear safety management. Finland has been investing in nuclear safety research for many years.

FinNuclear Association and associated companies with competences in nuclear related technology are presented in FinNuclear Directory >> and Smart Nuclear from Finland presentation

Requests and further information:

Megumi Asano-Ulmonen
+358 44 710 2061

Smart Nuclear From Finland

FinNuclear collaborate with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland and Business Finland.