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Founded by industrial organisations, FinNuclear Association’s purpose is to promote Finnish companies’ general preconditions, cooperation, competences, international profile in manufacturing, construction  and service activities in the nuclear energy field. 

FinNuclear Association’s field covers the whole lifecycle of nuclear power plants and associated plants, including design, licensing, construction, operation, maintenance, modernisation, fuel cycle, waste management and decommissioning as well as related research activities. Association’s activities support the safe use of nuclear energy by ensuring the availability of equipment and services, based on Finnish competence during the entire lifecycle of nuclear power plants. 

Nuclear energy is the largest single source of energy for electricity production in Finland. The sustaining principle in Finnish nuclear legislation is that the use of nuclear energy has to be in accordance with Finnish society’s overall interest that emphasises the significance of domestic deliveries for the existing and new nuclear power plants. The future nuclear projects are seen as remarkable opportunities to expand the Finnish industrial competences in the nuclear field in addition to numerous companies already possessing nuclear expertise. 



Business from the nuclear power plant projects to Finnish companies

Association’s purpose is to promote Finnish companies’ general preconditions, cooperation, competences, international profile in manufacturing, construction and service activities in the nuclear energy industry.

FinNuclear objectives


  • Existing network where to join to
  • Joint marketing of members in nuclear industry events and meetings
  • Company information to FinNuclear Directory catalog which is in electronic version and annually printed version
  • Distribution of FinNuclear Directory catalog in Finland and abroad
  • Tools and training to increase organisations’ nuclear industry competence
  • Networking, joint exhibition pavilions, seminars and information exchange events
  • Publications, market news and newsletter
  • FinNuclear communicating with key actors and decision-makers in the nuclear industry

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